Rio Waida Hello Pacitan Pro 2017 QS 1000

The WSL has identified 10 specific locations that hold the most potential for hosting an event. Some of these locations have already hosted events at the WSL Qualifying Series level, but others have But all these location possess great waves and as such are great candidates for hosting an event and promoting their regions and Indonesia as a whole.

1. Kepulauan Mentawai – Sipora, Mentawai: Mentawai Pro
2. Pesisir Barat – Krui, Lampung: Krui Pro
3. Kebupaten Nias Selatan, Lagundri Bay Pro
4. Pacitan – East Java : Hello Pacitan Pro
5. Batu Karas – West Java: Batu Keras Longboard Pro
6. Canggu – Bali : Canggu Pro
7. Keramas – Bali: Keramas Komune Pro
8. Maluk – Sumbawa Barat : Yoyos Pro
9. Dompu, Sumbawa: Lakey Peak Pro
10. Rote – NTT: Rote Pro